Publishing 101: Write A Synopsis

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Learn how to craft a small but perfectly formed synopsis


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The Writers’ HQ online synopsis writing course will help you prepare for sending your manuscript out into the big wide world of publishing.

You think you’ve done the hard part by writing a book, but landing an agent is the next big hurdle to leap over.

A kickass synopsis shows an agent you can plan and execute a super tight plot. But reducing a whole manuscript into just a few pages of story summary can be a reet pain in the backside…

Learn how to craft a small but perfectly formed synopsis and impress prospective agents with your summarising prowess.

7 steps

  • Introduction to Publishing 101: Write A Synopsis
  • READ: Oh synopsis, why art thou a pain in my arse?
  • READ: What does a synopsis even look like?
  • EXERCISE: Pull the bare bones out of your story
  • READ: Stuck? A few notes on synopsis technique
  • READ: Synopsis dos and donts
  • READ: Synops-YES or sy-NO-psis?
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