Seven Ideas In Seven Days


All you need is a pen and paper and we'll show you how to transform yourself into a story idea machine. Learn to see, hear and think like a writer!


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Learn to see, think, and hear like a writer

Give us seven days and we’ll give you a whole shedload of techniques and exercises for generating ideas and turning them into usable outlines for brilliant stories.

Great ideas are the bedrock of storytelling and writing. Sometimes they come thick and fast, and sometimes they seem to languish in the dank cellar of your subconscious and refuse to come out to play.

All those ideas are in there though, hiding in your brain, just waiting for the spark that sets them free.

In this fun, fast-paced seven day course, we’ll work with you through ways to feed your brain, germinate those idea-seeds (seedy ideas?) and keep stories tumbling out of your head.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to turn every day observations into story ideas
  • Turning vibes into plot
  • How one small idea can become a behemoth of a story

15 steps in 7 sections

  • Welcome to Seven Ideas in Seven Days
  • 1Day 1: Write about what you don't know

    • WATCH: Starting points
    • READ: Write about what you don’t know
    • EXERCISE: Change the channel

    2Day 2: An author thought up a killer title, and you won’t believe what happens next

    • READ: Ideas from titles
    • EXERCISE: Fantasy book covers

    3Day 3: It starts with a kiss

    • READ: Doing the work
    • EXERCISE: Story seeds

    4Day 4: More than a feeling

    • READ AND WATCH: Relax your face
    • EXERCISE: Pick a feeling, any feeling

    5Day 5: Feed your brain - ask it questions

    • READ: Brain food
    • EXERCISE: Fill your brain, empty your brain

    6Day 6: Big idea/small idea

    • READ: Making the grade
    • EXERCISE: Put it all together

    7Day 7: A very tiny novel


    “A great starter to get you up and running with ideas that might form the basis of a good story. It makes you think, not just about the story, but also about the atmosphere and the feelings you want to create, what you want to say, what you love. This course is very accessible and gives you hope when you feel like you’re drowning and don’t know where to begin.”

    Elizabeth H

    Here’s what you get when you start this course today

    Fifteen lessons in seven sections showing you:

    • Different ways of looking at ideas
    • How to take the mundane and make it magical
    • How to make a vague aesthetic into a whole-ass story

    Plus this lovely, lovely bonus stuff


    The Writers’ HQ Guide to Productivity

    This productivity-twanging five day writing challenge will unpick, unlock and unblargh your writerly self!



    Write A Tiny Novel

    Grow your novel idea from a seed to a sapling and begin to understand the basics of story structure


    Seven Ideas in Seven Days

    Give your brain a thorough shakedown and finish with at least seven new story ideas

    Oh and did we say it’s FREE?

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    “I wasn’t sure what to expect from seven days but was surprised by the amount of creativity sparked by the (seemingly) simple ideas. Brilliant course, whether you’re short of ideas or not, because it gets you thinking and looking at things differently. Five well-deserved gold stars from me too. Thank you!”

    Hannah M

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