Troubleshoot Your Novel

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Figure out what’s wrong with your story and FIX IT!


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Figure out what’s wrong with your story and find a practical solution
Suitable for any stage of the novel-writing journey
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Lost the plot? Unstick your novel’s sticking points and fix your story!

Learn how to navigate plot issues, writing blocks and existential literary problems and make your novel work

No matter what stage you’re at, writing a novel can often be an exercise in frustration but you’re not alone.

In this course, you’ll find out how to identify what’s causing your novel issues, make a plan of action, and utilise a whole bunch of ideas and tips to sort it all out.

Whether you’re just starting out, half way through the first draft, or well into your twelfth version of your novel, we’ll help you figure out a fix and get back on that writing horse.

14 steps in 5 sections

  • Welcome to Troubleshoot Your Novel

    • First things first: why are you stuck?
    • Second things second: identify your blockages
    • Third things third: figure out how to move forward

    2The trickiest parts of writing a novel are... ALL OF THEM

    • Beginnings
    • Middles
    • Endings

    3Tweaking, reframing, developing

    • Re-plot the sucker
    • Character = plot = character
    • Look at your story in a different way

    4Practical tips

    • How to make your novel not totally boring as shite
    • How to haul yourself out of a writing slump-a-dump
    • How not to write a novel (while tricking yourself into writing a novel)

    5And finally:

    Made me stop and think

    Great course because it reminds you of the little bits you forget to do, or didn’t know you had to do, and then tells you how. A must, so do it!

    Heather S

    Really helped me find the plot

    After completing this, I found that I could find the heart of my plot which meant deleting a few early scenes to get into the action earlier. A vital course for a first-time novelist like me. Five stars.

    Helene D

    Soooo good!

    This course has really helped me break down into manageable chunks what I need to do next with my novel. I feel much less overwhelmed now. Thank you!

    Claire H

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