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Learn how to plan, draft, and write a stellar middle grade novel!


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Learn how to write engaging stories for young readers with award-winning MG author Emma Read
Finish the course with a masterplan to plot and write a freakin' awesome children's novel
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Learn how to plot, draft, and write a stellar middle grade novel with best-selling MG author Emma Read

Writing for children takes a whole different skill-set to writing for adults – so we sought out some expert advice from someone who really knows her stuff. This add-on plotting course contains everything you need to plot and write an awesome children’s book with guidance and advice from Emma Read, author of the award-winning Milton the Mighty series.

Maybe you have an idea for a children’s story but don’t know how to get it down on paper. Maybe you’ve already started writing but need a little guidance and inspiration to get to the end. Or maybe you’ve got a finished draft to whip into shape! Wherever you are in the process, there’ll be something in this course to help you out

Use the advice and exercises in this course to craft a fun, original middle-grade novel that will get kids reading and wanting more…

All with the support and feedback from your fellow WHQers!

7 steps

  • Welcome to Writing Children’s Fiction
  • From freewheeler to forward-thinker
  • What kind of plotter are you?
  • Planning your story – keep it simple
  • The four pillars of writing a children’s novel
  • Tension: a kid lit writer’s best friend
  • And finally… The end is not the end
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    Keeping me structured and sane!

    I’m simultaneously doing the Writing for Children course and Plotstormers II to edit my MG manuscript. Writers’ HQ is the absolute best — keeping me structured and sane throughout the craziness that is writing!


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