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Learn how to plan, draft, and write the perfect romance novel!


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Learn how to write a romance novel your readers will fall in love with

Explore the wonderful world of romance with New York Times best-selling author Jean Oram in this comprehensive course, full of advice and wisdom from an experienced, professional writer of Happily Ever Afters!

From plotting techniques to genre and sub-genres, romance story structure, building conflict and tension, characterisation, and the all important ‘Love Wins’ moment, Jean will guide you through every aspect of romance writing from start to finish — the perfect companion to our Plotstormers course.

So wherever you are in the process — whether you’re starting out with a mere spark of an idea, are half way through a draft, or are already at the editing stage — there’ll be something in this course to help you make your story even stronger.

Use the knowledge and exercises in this course to create a watertight romance plot that will leave your readers happy crying.

And all with the support and feedback from your fellow WHQers!

7 steps

  • Building Foundations
  • Plotting Methods
  • Romance Story Structure
  • Turning Points
  • The Seed of Doubt
  • Love Saves the Day
  • Write from the Heart
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