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Conquer your writing fears and let your creativity flow

Writing can be scary. Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, rejection, writer’s block — we all suffer from them, and sometimes it all just gets you down. But it doesn’t have to stop you. Learn how to identify, face and conquer your writerly fears and reach your goals in a way that suits YOU.

In this course, we’ll give you a tonne of writerly know-how to boost your confidence, overcome self-doubt, and deal with the many terrifying aspects of the writing process — actual, real life, realistic, tangible methods of getting shit done without freaking the fork out.

We’ll tackle stuff like…

  • The dreaded blank page <gasp>
  • Good old imposter syndrome <argh>
  • The existential horror of writer’s block <no, please, stop>
  • Your mortal enemy: the inner critic <oof>
  • And… dun dun duuuuun: REJECTION <faints>

We know. It’s daunting. But gird your writing loins, because by the end of this course you’ll have everything you need to defeat each and every one of those dastardly fiends, achieving epic-level freedom from fear.

15 steps in 7 sections

  • Welcome to Writing Without Fear
  • 1No fear

    • The Writers’ HQ Guide to Giving Zero Fucks
    • Challenge #1: The Moaning Method

    2And so we begin... or don't

    • What Stops Us Starting? (AKA Fear of the Blank Page)
    • Challenge #2: De-Monster Your Brain

    3What are you REALLY afraid of?

    • Writing Is Scary (And Why That’s A Good Thing)
    • Challenge #3: Let It Flow

    4Banish Writers' Block

    • Breaking Through The Blockage
    • Challenge #4: Write Like A Kid

    5Rejection... dun dun dun...

    • Welcome To Rejection Town! Population: All Of Us
    • Challenge #5: Get Your Work Out There!


    • Motivate Your Fine Self
    • Challenge #6: Get Excited About Your Writing Again

    7Beyond Fear

    Changed my life

    I’m not exaggerating when I say this course changed my life. It changed my attitude to my writing, and to the idea of rejection, that inner voice that keeps saying I’m not good enough, and all the other little fears that seem to go with being a writer. The course takes each of those fears, one by one and shows you how to slay them. You come out the other side ready to write, to persist and believe in yourself as a writer. Do the course. It’s your own personal magic spell to armour yourself against fear.

    Catherine L

    Just what I needed

    This course has reminded me WHY I write (the notebooks are still there and sill getting filled), HOW my writing has improved, and how the next idea could be the NEXT BIG THING.

    S M

    I needed this

    Another wonderful step on the Writers’ HQ journey and one that nudges and cradles at the same time.

    Bernie M

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