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Q&A With Sarah and Jo

When: Third Thursday of the month, 8pm

Sarah and Jo are the smol but mighty overladies behind Writers’ HQ. And between them their brains hold a vast and impressive amount of writerly knowledge. 

Once a month, you, our lovely fully fledged members, get the chance to pick those writerly brains, and ask Sarah and Jo for the answers to all your burning writing-related questions. 

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Monthly Masterclasses

When: Second Thursday of the month, 10am

Join Sarah and Jo for a monthly member-only masterclass. Each one will focus on a particular aspect of writing.

These sessions offer a chance to really up your writing game. Master it, if you will. You’ll garner writerly wisdom on themes such as plotting, productivity, flash fiction, and characterisation, with new topics announced every month.

Advanced Journaling

When: Third Monday of the month, 10am

These 90-minute sessions are designed for those who want to dive deeper into the benefits of regular journaling practice. 

Level up your writing skills, improve your writing habit, and support your writerly wellbeing with these workshops, led by one of our resident journaling experts.

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Flash Face Off Write-A-Long

Come write with us every Tuesday at 10am. We’ll talk you through the week’s Flash Face Off prompts and expand on them, giving you ideas and answering questions to really get you going. Then you stay in the Zoom chat and write alongside your fellow members and FFO-ers.

It’s all about accountability, support and the kickass WHQ community.

Housekeeping: keeping your camera on is optional but out of politeness pls keep your mics off unless invited to chat on screen. At the end of the write-along we’ll invite a couple of people up to discuss what they’ve been working on and maybe share a snippet or two of works-in-progress. 

The WHQ Feedback Workshop

When: First Thursday of the month, 10am

Come and workshop with a small, friendly group of your fellow WHQers for feedback, problem-solving, and general camaraderie.

Workshoppers will be split into small groups and each person will have up to 5 minutes to talk about their WIP. This could involve reading a short extract, outlining a plot, asking for troubleshooting advice, or explaining a productivity problem. The rest of the group then spends some time exploring the problem, offering feedback, and suggesting ways forward, before moving on to the next writer’s workshopping issue.

This is your chance to get real-time feedback and support from the other awesome Writers’ HQ writers, as well as offer your wisdom to others and help them on their journey.


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Goal Setting Workshop

When: Last Friday of the month, 10am

Set yourself up for a word-filled month with our brand new Goal Setting Workshop! 

“I’m gonna write a thing” is an admirable goal but it’s not usually specific enough to actually get the thing done. So let’s get strategic. Come and spend an hour with your fellow WHQers and let us guide you through a step by step process of setting realistic, achievable goals, and creating a bespoke strategy to help you meet them!