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What is the Writers' HQ bursary?

Every month, we give six months of membership access to Writers’ HQ free of charge to anyone who needs it. That’s the long and the short of it. 

People like you donate some readies. We match fund it. Then we give away that value of membership to writers in need. 

Are you a marginalised or minority writer in need?
Your donation helps

We believe that stories are what makes humanity truly great. Stories are the fuel that power our world. And the only way to a truly fair and equal society is if all voices are heard – especially those whose voices are under-represented, or those who have not been offered the same opportunities due to income, background, gender, or ethnicity.

Our bursary programme relies on the donations of lovely people like you. We magically transform your donation into online creative writing courses, resources and support for those who need it but can’t access it; writers who struggle to find the time, space or resources to write.

As an added bonus, we match fund the value of everything donated to the bursary fund. So if you give us a quid, we put another quid’s worth in the pot.

By donating to the Writers' HQ bursary, you are helping fund a project that seeks to
overthrow the capitalist patriarchal hegemony
ensure stories from all walks of life are heard equally
casually sip tea while the ESTABLISHMENT burns
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