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Write a new story every week

Join our weekly flash fiction writing challenge. A place to be inspired, to workshop your writing, exchange feedback with your WHQ buddies, and even read your story at one of our live online open mic nights.

Every week, we post a set of prompts. You write a super smol story (500 words or fewer), post it on our forums, give and receive feedback, and join us for a Friday night online open mic night.

In the last year, Flash Face Off has grown from a casual lockdown pastime to a massive community of amazingly supportive and wonderful writers. It’s just kinda awesome, and we’d love to see you there.

"it’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row."
- ray bradbury
What am I signing up for?

Flash Face Off is a weekly writing challenge from Writers’ HQ. You write a story from a set of prompts, share and receive feedback on our forums, and join us for an online open mic night where we pick a handful of stories that really captured our writerly-brains. Get yourself writing regularly and turbocharge your craft.

Why am I signing up?

The best way to improve your writing is to give constructive, positive feedback on other people’s work and to receive the same on your own work. Breaking and remaking stories is the cornerstone of rapid writerly improvement. Also it’s a butt-tonne of fun and the community is lush.

WHO is this for?

Anyone* who wants to take part in a friendly, supportive, non-competitive weekly writing challenge and share their work with the frankly DELIGHTFUL Writers’ HQ online community (*teens and up with parental consent – there will likely be swearing)

How does Flash Face Off Work?
  1. Every Saturday, head to our blog and grab the two sets of opposing prompts.
  2. Pick your side and write a story.
  3. Post your piece in the private Flash Face Off forums for feedback, praise, oohs and aahs, and suggestions from your fellow flashers by Thursday midday.
  4. Join us at 8pm each Friday for a free flashin’ webinar session where we invite writers to read their work (or we can read stories on your behalf if you prefer), showcasing a balanced set of flashes from each prompt. There will also be time for author Q&As and general writerly chat.
  5. Next Saturday, a new prompt goes up, and we do it all again…
how much?

Here! Grab your prompts from the blog (click the big orange button down there), share your stories on the forums, and register for the webinar a bit further down the page. 


New prompts go up on the blog and forum every Saturday morning. Deadline for submissions Thursday midday. Live events every Friday from 8pm GMT (if you can’t watch live, you can still register for a place and watch playback at any time)

Where are the prompts?
Just click on the big orange button right under this sentence.
Flash Face Off live event promotional image - a woman with a laptop and text
Friday 22 October 20218:00pm(BST)1:00 hr
Flash Face Off: A Weekly Writing Challenge
A free flashin’ webinar session showcasing a balanced set of flashes from each of this week’s prompts.
Friday 29 October 20218:00pm(BST)1:00 hr
Flash Face Off: A Weekly Writing Challenge
A spooktacular special flash open mic webinar – see this week’s post for all the details!


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