Flash Face Off – w/c 3rd May 2021

Wanna know what we’re doing? Clicky right here to find out how we Flash Face Off.

The two opposing themes for this week’s Flash Face Off are: SPRING vs. SUMMER

Use the prompts below and/or the theme to write – in any way that inspires you.

Pick a side. (Or write about both!)

Pick an image and/or a quote, or more than one, or a mix of the bunch.

It is tooootally up to you, so long as your writing has some kind of connection to this week’s themes and is no longer than 500 words.

You have until midday Friday 7th May to think, write, and post up your story to our Flash Face Off forums.

PLEASE make good use of these workshopping forums to offer feedback to others, receive feedback on your own story, and tweak/edit as much as you like. This really is the absolute best way to develop your writing (and it’s a really nice way to be part of your writing community).

We’ll be picking a handful of stories to be read on our live Flash Face Off online event at 8pm on the 7th so will get in touch with authors on Friday to sort out logistics.

And that’s it! Enough preamble. Roll out the prompts!


an eggshell cracked in half. Inside the shell there are counted days, on the floor there are footprints of a chick
Image credit: Daniel Jerico
A woman opens a window during a heat wave
Image credit: Ava Sol
a coiled spring
Image credit: Trude Jonsson Stangel
a woman sits by the sea holding an ice cream
Image credit: Quokka Bottles
a woman plants crops
Image credit: Zoe Schaeffer
a crowded beach with mountains in the background
Image credit: Cade Proulx

Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.

— Yoko Ono

“All you really need to know for the moment is that I know I am but summer to your heart, and not the full four seasons of the year.e universe is a lot more complicated than you might think, even if you start from a position of thinking it’s pretty damn complicated in the first place.”
— Edna St. Vincent Millay

“With the flowers of spring, and breezes … / flowing here like honey.”
— Sappho

“We’re always looking for the full open leaf, the open warmth, the promise that we’ll one day soon surely be able to lie back and have summer done to us; one day soon we’ll be treated well by the world.”
— Ali Smith

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