Free Writing Courses

Some of our favourite courses totally free of charge.

The Dos and Don’ts of Submitting to Lit Mags & Competitions

  • Start now to get your work into the big wide world

  • Properly prepare your submissions and give yourself a decent chance at getting published

  • How to keep going for the long slog

Short Fiction Mini Masterclass

  • Start now and get writing brilliant short stories

  • Discover your fundamental human truth

  • A mini masterclass of videos, exercises, advice and resources exploring the juicy innards of the short fiction process
  • Learn the secret that lies at the heart of all short fiction

14 Days To A Solid Writing Habit

  • Start now to get writing, stay writing
  • Get to the nitty gritty of how and why and when to write
  • Kickass-badass-not-ass
  • Start now and transform yourself into a writing machine in two weeks

Turbocharge Your Creativity

  • Start now to make every writing session count
  • Make clear, steady progress and write like a demon
  • Set achievable goals, banish writer’s block, avoid distractions, improve your productivity

  • Actual real life magic