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General online event FAQ

I can’t find the Zoom link!

You’ll find links for all the webinars you’ve signed up for in dashboard > my events, or you can get it via the online events page.

I want to cancel my place at an online event

No worries (obviously we’re gutted you can’t make it but we get that life gets in the way sometimes!). It’s OK to just not turn up to any of the Zoom events, as there are plenty of spaces. 

What’s the basic Zoom etiquette?

Super simple:

Keep your mic off unless invited to talk.

Cameras optional.

We always want to see your pet. 

Some people find watching others eat on camera a bit squicky. SarahWHQ finds people putting on make up twangs all her sensory madness. So just be conscious of other humans and their peccadillos as you would irl but mostly just chill and have a good time.