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Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can! Just go to My Writers’ HQ which is top right of all pages. If you can’t see it, scroll up to the top of the page and it will magically appear. Then select ‘My Membership’ > Subscription and press the big cancel button.

This will stop THE NEXT payment coming from your account. You will still have course access for the remaining duration of that 30 day cycle, so if you cancel your subscription 5 days into your 30 day subscription cycle, you will have course access for another 25 days and then nada. Blackness. Darkness. The cold abyss of the netherworld. Or at least that’s how it should work. If it doesn’t give us a yell on ye olde [email protected] email address.

A super important point: we CANNOT offer partial refunds on subscriptions. This means if you cancel part way through the month, we cannot part refund that month. Soz McGoz