It’s the fourth day of April in the year of our noodly overlord 2019. The world is still on fire, the universe is still a place of infinite beauty, wonder and terror, and you, my socially-awkward robot friend, have to keep writing your stories.

This blerg comes to you from a place of profound reluctance and regret, for we have NEWS and it’s not news we like.

Don’t panic! We’re not going anywhere. It’s just that we have to put the price of our writers’ retreats up a few quid and it’s causing us great pain and angst. Stay with us for a world-class shit sandwich…

The backstory where we make you feel excited and proud of what Writers’ HQ has achieved: six years ago Sarah got so sick of her family that she hired a room in Brighton for a day of writing. She tweeted that any other writers were welcome – just bung her £35 to cover the cost of the room and food. Fifteen people turned up, including Jo, and we immediately bonded over our shared love of swearing and tea. HISTORY WAS MADE THAT DAY, FOLKS.

Since then, we’ve exploded (not literally) across the UK and helped you guys rack up millions and billions and zillions of words and, most importantly, had muchos fun in the process.

The middle bit where we make you feel warm and fuzzy about Writers’ HQ: Our whole MO has always been about making time, space and knowledge accessible to people who might not otherwise be able to access it. That means short retreats and courses for time-poor people, and cheap retreats and courses for finance-poor people. That means our bursary scheme which lets us pass on the love. That means refusing to put our retreat prices up for six years despite venue and food costs increasing, and despite now being a team of 4 + 10 retreat reps rather than just two microsized writers larking about, and also too as well we’re gonna have to VAT register soon and we never actually anticipated that so woopsiedoops we just wanna make cool things about writing and share them with you not be, like, actual literal Richard Branson (whose love of bad sweaters means we often confuse him with Giles Brandreth ?‍♀️).

The nearly end bit where we softly whack you with the shitty news: over the next few days you’ll see the retreat prices on our website going up to £37. The 3 for £90 offer will become 3 for £99. Members still get 15% off, making retreats £31.45 for you guys. We’re very fucking sorry. (Although, ya know, it’s still blinding value for what you get).

The very end bit where we make a paltry consolation offer to ease the blow: we haven’t started raising the prices yet. If you run over to the site really quickly now you can still get a £35 retreat or 3 for £90 deal. Price rises will start Friday avo.

Ok cool. Right. Ok. Thanks and sorry. Right. Ok.

Bye. Sorry.

Sarah & Jo and Team WHQ


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