JOB AD: Climate Change & Literature Writer Human

Hello. We need a writer human who knows about climate change and literature, and climate change in literature, and writing about climate change in a literary setting.

This job is:

To attend, observe, tweet, and blog about our Retreat At The End Of The World.

We need a rapporteur to attend the RATEOTW and collect and collate the events of the weekend, providing short videos, photos, and text to share across our social channels and blog, and to work side-by-side with the Writers’ HQ general social media manager.

The fee for this weekend in £200, and includes accommodation and meals.

You must be available on Friday 30 August – Sunday 1 September and able to get to the event under your own steam. If you cannot do this PLEASE DON’T APPLY FOR THIS JOB THANKS.

Future opportunities leading on from this job:

We are currently engaged in a super secret project that may (or may not) lead to an editor-and-community-manager position, curating and writing content around climate change and literature and helping to build our community of writers exploring the defining issue of our time.

In our ideal world, our rapporteur and EACM will be the same person. But we can’t really talk about it properly yet. If we could we’d say the fee is £180 a day for 1 day a week spread over 18 months. But shhhhhh funding pending.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Will be a writer (fiction, journalism, copywriting, whateverrrr just show us your chops) with a genuine understanding of the climate crisis.
  • Have an interest in literary representations of climate change.
  • Be able to explore uncomfortable topics around grief and loss and present them in an accessible way for a general audience.
  • Be generally upbeat (lol) and have a positive view of the future (ha).
  • Know some stuff about social media (like, be able to tweet and IG and FB without falling over).
  • Do good tea and swearing.

If you would like to apply, please email [email protected] with your cover letter and CV and a picture of a happy polar bear to show you’ve read this far and understand the requirements of the job, and in particular THAT YOU ARE AVAILABLE FOR THE DATES ABOVE.

Ok cool thanks.