July 2019 – 31 Acts Of Literary Kindness

We gotta be honest here guys, things are pretty… idk… bleak? Scary? Stressful? All of the above? We bang on all the time about how stories can save the world. And they can! Awesome stories. Stories of humanity and hope. Stories filled with ideas and futures. Stories of utopia and joy.

You know the other thing that’s gonna save the world? Not being dicks.

So in the spirit of minimal dickery, every day in July we’re going to be sharing some story-based love with 31 Days of Literary Kindness.

There’s not much to explain here. We’re gonna do one nice thing a day and we encourage you to do the same. You can also nominate people on Twitter to get FREE STUFF. Also too as well use the hashtag #31daysofliterarykindness which is a bit long but we didn’t think too hard about it at the time sozloveyoumwa.

And that’s it. Follow us on Twitter for daily updates.

Want to do a little bit of kinding right now? Check out how you can Sponsor A Writer.

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