I have been doing Flash face off for almost a year, and played around with writing flash for a few years before that, but this course has really helped me look at how I write and how important every element is. Editing in particular!!
This is a course I will keep returning to, and get something different out of each time.

Danielle Linsey Morris
Beginner's Guide to Flash Fiction
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An absolutely brilliant course that I will dip back into again and again. Truly inspiring. I’ve bought a new notebook on the strength of it!

A Five star course. (I know I only clicked four stars but my browser is behaving weirdly and it would let me click all five)

Steve Dalzell
Beginner's Guide to Flash Fiction
A bright vacation from writing a novel.

Now I love writing flash pieces.

Kathy’s course and her, and other’s, feedback have given me that ‘freshen up’ from the novel editing process.

The course has sharpened up my writing, making me a more concise and considered (less overly verbose) writer, which is a useful transferable skill to writing the novel and well as getting better at Flash.

I have just entered a piece into a competition and plan to do more – so now there is the fun of seeing what happened to those efforts.

Take the course and see your writing flourish in unexpected ways.

Robert Fairbrother
Beginner's Guide to Flash Fiction
One of the best writing courses I’ve ever done.

I certainly had my eyes opened in this course. One or I had made an of attempts at sending a couple of pieces out a couple of years ago. Now I know exactly where I went wrong. They might still get rejected, but at least I feel that I have learned to craft the stories rather than simply telling them. I might stand a better chance. No, I shall rephrase that, I will stand a better chance after doing this course!

Thank you so much Writers HQ and Flashy Kathy

Almond Kellacher
Beginner's Guide to Flash Fiction
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Learn the ins and outs of flash fiction with a huge range of examples, techniques and prompts.
Exercises and challenges to help you develop your craft and find your own flashy groove!
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Kathy Hoyle

Kathy Hoyle

(AKA ‘Flashy Kathy’)

Coventry retreat rep, Flash Face Off queen, and all round lush chick


jo gatford

Half of Writers’ HQ

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