Starts MONDAY 4 OCTOBER 2021


An amazing week! Many thanks for all the prompts and suggestions, which opened up the imagination and nudged new stuff out of me.

A thoroughly positive experience, even when negativity arises (and how can it not at the moment, but we gotta be kind about allowing ourselves to feel it sometimes) and I am ready to continue on a journey with my pen and paper.

  • – Wendy

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Are you finding it difficult to focus? Feel like you *should* be writing, creating, and being super productive, but every time you sit down to write, or even read, your brain just goes bleuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? 

Yuppers. Us too. In fact, the only writing we’re doing right now is the occasional page of random, scribbled notes in our journals. Which made us think: oh. Maybe that’s what we need. Something low stakes, low pressure, personal and quiet. Something to reflect on whatever-the-heck-this-is that’s going on around us. Something just for us. No need to share, no need to publish, no need to perform and produce and polish and perfect.

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No pressure. No guilt. No stress.
Just… a little chunk of words, here and there.
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what am i signing up for?

Intro to Journaling is a gentle week-long online course that’ll give you the tools, inspiration and motivation to do some no-pressure writing.

We’ll kick off the course with a live webinar at 10am (BST) Monday 4th October 2021, along with daily reminder emails, journaling exercises, prompts, and creative techniques to help you get your words flowing.

PLUS access to our private forum for feedback and camaraderie from your fellow journalers!

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why am i signing up?

Journaling is great for your mental health, great for your writing health, and could be just what you need to get into a positive creative frame of mind.

No matter whether you’re brand new to journaling or a seasoned journaler in need of a gentle nudge, this course will give you everything you need to get writing with support from the loveliest online community around.

So put on your comfiest PJs, make yourself a cuppa, and get settled in for a week of journaling loveliness!

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who am i signing up for?

Writers’ HQ helps writers to tell their stories, and to tell them really freakin’ well. We run online creative writing courses and real life retreats for badass writers with no time or money. You can find out more here


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who are you?

We’re Writers’ HQ and we run online creative writing courses and retreats for badass writers with no time or money. Join in with our monthly freebie course, a whole load of free retreats and workshops, or sign up as a fully-fledged member and get access to ALL our writing course as well as a bunch of other excellent perks and shiny things.

is it really free?

Yes, it’s free, FREEEEE! (But obviously we’re gonna try to get you to join as a member in the emails because we cannot get enough of helping writers do that writing thang. But you can ignore that stuff. We don’t care. We don’t. It’s fine. WE SAID IT’S FINE.) perks and shiny things.
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I don’t like tea, swearing or memes

Yeah no we’re probably not for you then. Our approach isn’t for everyone (your first clue is in our logo). We swear more than is ‘ladylike’ and use gifs when we could use our words. But, eh, fuck it. We don’t believe that linguistic purity or literary snobbery does anyone any favours.

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A cleansing reset

Thank you, this was very cleansing and felt like a reset for me

Thank you for the inspiration

I really enjoyed the exercise. It went a way I did not expect but I think I will be able to use it now for some memoir short stories I’m pulling together. Thank you so much for the inspiration.




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