New to journaling? Expert diarist? Just curious? Everyone is welcome!


A free online journal writing workshop from Writers’ HQ, plus an invitation to our kick-ass writing community to gain writing support from people all over the world!
The low-maybe-no-pressure creative outlet you need right now

Are you finding it difficult to focus? Feel like you *should* be writing, creating, and being super productive during this enforced ‘downtime’? But every time you sit down to write, or even read, your brain just goes bleuhhh?

Yuppers. Us too. So maybe what we need is something low stakes, low pressure, personal and quiet. Something to reflect on whatever-the-heck-this-is that’s going on around us. Something just for us. No need to share, no need to publish, no need to perform and produce and polish and perfect.

Just… a little chunk of words, here and there.

Besides, documenting our thoughts and observations in these balls-crazy times might be some of the most important writing we ever do. (No pressure.)

So let’s get journaling. Together.

What am I signing up for?

Every Monday, join us from 10-11am for a chilled, casual, ‘Journaling with WHQ’ webinar session on Crowdcast. Your host will guide you through the fundamentals of journaling, provide you with inspiration, pep, support, and advice, and set you up with an exercise or two to get you writing.

Share your ideas if you want, or just come and hang/chat with your fellow writers. It’s all good. Whether this is your first time attempting to keep a journal, or whether you’ve been diarising for years. ALL are welcome (we’re putting a “teens and up” rating on this one, so bring along your Gen-Zers too)

Why am I signing up?

Oof writing can be hard sometimes, right? Let’s just take a step back, remove any possibility of ‘failure’ and start repairing our relationship with our words. Low stakes, no pressure, just doodle something lush and see where it takes you. You might just find it’s the thing you need to get you back on track.

WHO is this for?

Anyone who’d like to write a journal, or who already writes a journal and would like some new ideas and a friendly little journaling community AND/OR anyone who is struggling to write anything right now but would like to do something low-pressure and stress free each week to keep their hand in (suitable for teens and up)


Crowdcast. No download needed, just log in. Links to be updated as they become available


Every Monday, 10-11am GMT (if you can’t watch live, you can still register for a place and watch playback at any time)

how much?
anything else?

Bring your own notebook/something to write on and your lovely brain