Making People

I’ve found this course to be incredibly useful. I have a novel I started years ago, and with the help of this course, I have realised that the central character needs a lot of work on her motivations. The questions I’ve looked at while doing this course have really made me think about what moves her to do what she does, but mainly to question her overall motivation. This is a great time to clarify things I hadn’t considered before and to not get too swept up in ideas for the plot while the protagonist is unsure why she is there at all. Thanks, Writers HQ, you’ve given me a lot to think about!

Eleanor Pender
Making People
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Give depth to your characters

Very useful exercises for creating and giving depth to characters. Has helped me with the overall process of planning the story and fleshing out ‘real’ characters

Sheila Raaff
Making People
Making People Made Easy

Well not that easy, you have to put the work in but these exercises are great and also potentially fun. And they also send you in different directions and with different ideas for your character and from there possibly your story. Loving your work WHQ :)

Sharon Eckman
Making People
Initiated into complete bastardy!

I love the humour in the course! It made me want to write, more than anything else I’ve ever read, and when I did it I was really stuck, not bonding with my MC, so it was a lifesaver.

Jan McCarthy
Making People
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Sarah Lewis

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jo gatford

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Procrastinator Level: Set up WHQ and did an MA to avoid writing her novel

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