Starts Monday 7 June

Short Fiction Mini Masterclass
A quick intro to big little stories

Never done anything like this before and found the online format worked so well. Felt relaxed, and that contributed to creativity. Many thanks – will sign up for the next one next week!

Kathryn C



Want to know what this short fiction thing is all about? Want to know the difference between a flash and a drabble? Want to know how to harness story ideas and turn them into something tangible? Want to discover the secret ingredient to all worthwhile fiction?

This quick ‘n’ dirty little intro to short fiction has all the answers you’re looking for, including:

PLUS: stellar short fiction examples and expert advice from authors like Paul McVeigh and Kit de Waal.
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The Writers’ HQ Characterisation Masterclass is a week long email course which’ll teach you how to craft unique, intriguing characters who have their very own agenda, opinions, fears and dreams. Learn how to write backstories and memories, and find out how to thwart your poor protagonist’s desires at every turn to up the stakes and layer your story with conflict.

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There’s no one-size-fits-all writing advice. We’re all different. In this course we offer a range of approaches to characterisation to help you get down and dirty with the psychology of your fictional peeps. You’ll discover your character’s motivations and work out how they react in any given situation with daily inspiration, whip-cracking, writing exercises and prompts, and access to our private forum full of super cool people.

who am i signing up for?

Writers’ HQ helps writers to tell their stories, and to tell them really freakin’ well. We run online creative writing courses and real life retreats for badass writers with no time or money. You can find out more here

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