Writing Short Fiction
Small words with big impact

Loved this! My comfort zone is the full length novel and the short story has always been a bit of enigma. I mean, what is the point? But now I get it! And I think I can do it! Whoop!

Marisa Blagden
Writing Short Fiction
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I wish I had found this course sooner.

Seriously. This course never felt like it talked down to me and gave me the swift kick in the pants that apparently, I needed.

Thank you.

Cheryl Werber
Plotstormers II

I started this having spent about a year trying to edit. I had cut a couple of chapters I knew needed to go but mostly I fiddled with my manuscript on a sentence level, not really sure what needed to go and nothing really progressed because the the size of the problem I felt lay ahead and a bit intimidated by not knowing where to start on it. This has been a massive step forward and although I’m still not 100% confident I’m on the write track, I feel I’ve built myself a template and a checklist and it’s now in more realistically bite-sized chunks which feels a lot less daunting.

Anna Biggs
Plotstormers II
Plotstormers II

A perfect follow on from Plotstormers. After having problems with my own novel, this course has allowed me to believe in my writing again. Top marks all round

Della Griffiths
Plotstormers II
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Sarah Lewis

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Procrastinator Level: Set up WHQ and had a baby to avoid writing her novel


jo gatford

Half of Writers’ HQ

Procrastinator Level: Set up WHQ and did an MA to avoid writing her novel

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