WHQ NEEDS YOU! It is finally time for us to venture north and bring our procrastination-busting Writers’ Retreats past the Watford Gap, starting with Leeds.

Our ideal candidate will be an early career writer who is looking to branch out into teaching/facilitating, who is approachable, professional, lively and fun, and has interesting things to say about writing. Bonus points for a love of the Shakespeare-old literary tradition of inventing innovative swear words.

We need you to:

  • Facilitate our monthly writing retreat in Leeds (full training given)
  • Promote the retreat via social media, networking and other channels
  • Have an Internet connection and laptop, be familiar enough with WordPress to update your own event listings (with training, natch), and to not run screaming from social media.

You need to be:

  • An early career writer with a publishing history (doesn’t have to be a major publishing history. A handful of short stories here and there is fine).
  • Able to run one retreat every month on a Saturday or a Sunday.
  • Be technologically literate enough to: exist on social media, update events in WordPress, use Slack, generally be aware of this new fangled Internet thing and how it works. This is essential. If you’re thinking ‘oh I can learn that stuff’ but are not already doing that stuff, then sorry this position is not for you. We’ve got a reputation to uphold, man. We can’t be doing with no eggs messing up our sweet, sweet stylings.


We love ‘em! We’ve got a handful between us! But you don’t need one to apply for this position. One of our reps has two archaeology degrees and a City & Guilds in Stonemasonry. One of them has a qualification in bread making. We just need to know that you write, that you’re good at writing, you’re good at talking about writing, and that you lurve the writing. A creative writing degree doesn’t necessarily prove that.


This is a freelance position.

We pay £80 per retreat plus commission depending on attendee numbers.

We expect you to participate in some marketing outside of retreat days. This mostly involves posting daft gifs on Facebook so hopefully we’re not unreasonable about that.

We will give you full training to set up and run one of our famous one-day, procrastination-busting writing retreats.


Send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] by Friday 20 July. We will try to respond to everyone who applies but we’re really, really badly organised so can’t guarantee it.