Sky divers jumping out plane, caption: 'just writing a short story brb'

Welcome to the Writers’ HQ short fiction mini masterclass-series thing of your dreams! In which we bombard you with ideas, strap a parachute to your back, throw you out of the aeroplane of creativity and watch you spiral gently to the ground with a proud tear in our eye.Exploring the world of short fiction is a neverending, enormously enriching literary adventure, whether you’re into micro-fic, drabbles, flash or longform. (Wonder what the heck any of that means? You’ll find out in the course…)

Learning how to tell a story in a succinct but powerful way is a mighty skill, and one that transfers into all sorts of other genres and mediums – and it’s a quick and rewarding way to get some words down when you’re short on time. 

Over the course of the, er, course, we’ll be covering all sorts of important short fiction-y stuff, like:

  • How do you know how long a short story is actually meant to be?
  • And how do you turn the most mundane anecdote into a story full of intrigue and conflict?
  • How do you drill down to the ‘fundamental human truth’ of a story?
  • And how do you find a shape and style that suits it? 
  • How do you make your writing feel real and truthful?
  • And how do you know what to put in and what to keep out?
  • How do you redraft and restructure and rework an idea until you find the *right* configuration?
  • And how do you make characterisation the juicy, emotive centre of a story?

All this and more – plus some stellar short fiction examples and expert advice from authors like Paul McVeigh and Kit de Waal.

Let us know how you’re getting on and connect with your fellow course compatriots on our dedicated writing forum, join our #Submit2019 challenge, and find somewhere to send your freshly crafted stories using our monthly competition and opportunity listings. Aaaaaand if by the end of the course you’re desperate for more short fiction-y goodness, you can always upgrade to our full 6-week course HERE… 

Ready? Yeah you are. Let’s get cracking.

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