Tea cup, caption reads: welcome, welcome. Come in, take your shoes off, sit down. Cuppa?

Well hey there, writer-buddy

We’re so happy you’re here.

You did a brave thing by clicking onto this course. No, seriously. Facing up the things that scare us is a great big stompy-booted step in the right direction. Putting your heart into your writing is scary (but so worth it). Putting your writing out there is scary (but soooo worth it). Getting rejected is scary (but, yes indeedy, so very worth it). And really, the only thing fear of failure is gonna do is stop you from even trying.

Because the only way to GUARANTEE failure is to give up right now.

But you’re not gonna do that, are you?

So the only option is to push past the fear. Acknowledge the fear but refuse to allow the fear to control us. Crumple the fear into a little ball and launch it into the sun.

And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. 

Over the course of the next 7-ish days (we recommend you work through one course unit per day to give yourself enough brain space to process everything – but feel free to take less or more time if you prefer!) we’re going to tackle all the most terrifying parts of the writing process one by one, from imposter syndrome to the blank page to submitting your work.

We’ll help you figure out what it is that’s stopping you from writing and give you the steel-toed boots you need to kick it right in its stupid face.

We’ll give you practical (and psychological) tips and tricks to deal with your inner critic and your debilitating self doubt and your writer’s block.

All you’ve gotta do is show up. (And also do the work.)

But hey. You’ve already taken that first step. You’re here. You’re reading this intro. You are DOING this. And you know what? It’s gonna be soooooo worth it. 

And you’re not alone. Our courses are full of similarly terrified writers. (We are ALL secretly terrified.) But together, we make a wonderful, terrified community. So hop on over to the private course forum, introduce yourself, and get to know your fellow scaredy-pants peers.  

Then let’s get to work… 

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