#LiteraryLittering: making the world better, one book at a time

Well. The state of the world, eh? Let’s not talk about it. Let’s just move on and try to make things good and nice and happy, yeah? So here’s the good and nice and happy thing we’re doing. It’s called Literary Littering, and it’s all about SHARING and CARING and LOVELY, LOVELY BOOKS.

We all love hoarding books on our beautiful shelves as objecs d’art but fuck that shit because stories are made for sharing.

Once you’ve read this, we’d really like you to go grab a book off your shelf and give it to a stranger.

Here’s the dealio:

  1. Choose a book that means something to you.
  2. Write a little note inside, something like: ‘Dear Stranger, I loved this book and it changed my life. Hope you enjoy it too and it brings you something spesh. Maybe you can pass it on when you’ve read it to share the literary love. From the kindly Writers’ HQ Book Fairy #literarylittering’.
  3. Put the book in your bag and next time you’re out and about, leave it on a bench, on a wall, in a cafe, on the train, or anywhere someone might pick it up.
  4. Take a pic of your left-behind goodies and post it on our Twitter or Facebook, remembering to use the hashtag #literarylittering
  5. If you find a left-behind book, also do all that stuff in point 4 and let us know.

Look. We know it’s not going to solve climate change or increasing global tensions but it might bring a little bit of sunshine to someone’s day. And that’s a good start.

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