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Author: Kerry-Ann Kerr

A fine springy toot to you this May, it’s the May toots thread!

A place for all your writerly wins, achievements, publications, goals smashed, small victories and big news.

With no more preamble necessary, let us get on with The Tooting.

(PS if you want your name in the June toots, please make sure you post your wins in the June toots thread on the forum.)

(PPS If we missed you off the list, we are extreeeeemely sorry. Give us a nudge via the usual channels, and we’ll add you in).

Jude Potts has a story called  For sale, one womb, unused. Buyer collects. live on Does It Have Pockets? Therapy? Bring on the Zombie Chicken Apocalypse is on Witcraft and there’s also another piece in Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself issue seven end of June/beginning of July. Lit Zine has also launched earlier than expected! A Kintsugi Heart was Highly Commended in Free Flash Fiction competition.

Kati Bumbera has a story in The Hooghly Review called The Russian Doll.

Tabbie Hunt has the story Monster Mum Vs Fuck Face coming out in Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself issue seven.

Jac Morris has launched Lit Zine sooner than expected!

Kendra Jackson will have a FlashNano featured in Alice Says Go Fuck Yourself issue seven.

Sarah Masters has a story in Witcraft that began life in FFO.

Naomi Brotherton received a yes from Dark Winter Lit and received payment for the first time for a piece of CNF.

Sophie Thompson has FFO pieces featured on Ink, Sweat and Tears and the The Hooghly Review’s Weekly Features and another piece in Roi Faineant.

Marie-Louise McGuinness has a story and an interview in The Forge.

Chris Fulwell had a piece accepted by 101 Words.

Karen Arnold had the story Radio Free Europe shortlisted in the Free Flash Fiction competition.

Alison Wassell received an acceptance from The Mersey Review and Does It Have Pockets. A story that began life as an FFO has been published by The Broken Spine.

Alice Billen had the flash Compost, apple, blackbird accepted by Wyldcraft.

Kim kjagain Moes has Getting Caught in the Rain at Bright Flash Literary Review and Love & Patience in the Waiting Room at Suddenly, and Without Warning.

Sarah Oakes had an acceptance for the micro Lost Ball which will be part of Voidspace Zines A Collection of Very Small Things.

Hattie Logan received their first acceptance by Ink Sweat & Tears for You Had One Job.

Jane Mooney had a flash published by Suddenly, and Without Warning.

Lauren Phillips-Freeman received wonderful feedback on their latest nonfiction piece.

Anika Carpenter has made the Flash Frontier Micro long list.

Lizzie Eldridge is a member of the Alien Buddha Press crew and has a collection of short stories and flash fiction published by Alien Buddha Press.

Helen MacDonald has been signed by Greene & Heaton.

Omg wow, you guys are the absolute literal, figurative, complete BEST. Well frikken done. 

And like we said up there, if you want your name in the June toots, please make sure you post your wins in the June toots thread on the forum. OKAY BYE NOW. 

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