Me And You And Her

By Lizzie Ferenczy

The day we met was red. It began with grey skies and grey eyes, everything a little hollow with November cold. But then you swept in to the lecture theatre in a flurry of freckles, and I was flooded with red. You sat beside me and my cheeks burned, my words lost their way, because there you were, so lovely I didn’t know where to look.

That first year was orange. It was fire and lava and honey. It was spilling over the edge of your tiny twin bed, too many vodka shots, summer on the cliff tops and bouquets of marigolds. We wore matching nail varnish and knotted our fingers together like ivy. We were endless and unstoppable.

The day I asked you was yellow. The sun cascaded over your bare shoulders so I had to squint. I got down on one knee and showed you the ring, set with a yellow diamond. We cried and then we laughed until the sun had sunk to earth, the sound like church bells. The air was bright and full of angels, and I held you in my arms looking up at our future.

Married life was green. We bought bedside lamps and antique rugs at car boot sales, cooked dinner in our tiny kitchen. We argued and watched movies and slept in late on Sundays, everything so full and rich and pure. We shook feathers from our hair and grew flowers in our lungs.

The day we decided was blue. We took a deep breath and plunged to the ocean floor, tangling our feet in the coral. We didn’t know if we were ready, we were scared of what lurked in the shadows. But you took my hand and we decided to become a family. I was drowning but you kept me afloat.

The wait was purple. Some days were lavender, others were wine-kissed bruises. We danced through a daydream, working and watching the time tick by. Sometimes we forgot who we were. But the rains kept coming, warm and filled with life. We drank tea with our backs against the hallway radiator.

And then suddenly, there was a rainbow. We had a daughter. Life was hard and plentiful and full of raging colours. Some days were sunshine and others were downpours, but the world rested its golden head on my pillow. There was me and you and her. I dragged you to the corner tattoo parlour and we got tiny matching rainbow hearts on our wrists, to remind us of all we had been and all we would be. There was love and there was hope. There was a rainbow.

lizzie ferenczy

Lizzie Ferenczy is a Brit currently working as an Au Pair in Los Angeles, California. She graduated from the University of Cardiff, Wales, in 2016 with a degree in English Literature and Spanish, and has been writing creatively for as long as she can remember. A number of her poems and short stories have been shortlisted for various awards and published internationally.