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What is Writers’ HQ membership?

Think of it like Netflix for writers. For just £20 a month you can access all our courses, get 15% off all writing retreats and merch, join the WHQ Community Forum for feedback and support, get priority access to new courses, and work through it all as and when you like.

It works like this

You sign up, we send you details of how to access the courses and automatically give you 15% off retreats and merch, you do the courses, write your book, get an agent, win a billion pound publishing deal, take over the world, fix climate change, destroy the patriarchy, give everyone free burritos for life AND EVERYONE IS HAPPY.

Agh overwhelm. I might not do all the courses

You don’t have to do all of them. Membership is still the most cost-effective way to access a single course. Just think of the rest as an added bonus.

Writers’ HQ is all about helping writers tell their story…

…and tell it really freakin’ well. We could give you loads of salesy bollocks about becoming the best, truest you, and living your dream. But, eh, we just think stories are important, and that everyone should have the tools and opportunities to tell them.

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Who *are* you super cool luminescent interdimensional writer beings of joy and wonder?

Writers’ HQ is run by Sarah and Jo, two micro-sized writers who could never quite get the thing they needed from the huge array of (largely brilliant) writing courses available. So they (we? It’s us! Hello! We’re writing this in the third person!) set out to provide an inclusive, welcoming, supportive, step-by-step, hand-holding environment, away from tiresome literary snobbery and grammar pedantry, for the many writers out there who feel as though they don’t fit. Between them (us?) they’ve (we’ve?) got four degrees in literature, Shakespeare and creative writing (and maths, but we don’t discuss that one. It was a dark time), a vast portfolio of writing in various disciplines and a smattering of awards, predominantly for writing but also including winning a secondary school beauty contest, aged 11. Guess who that was.

Sarah Lewis

Writer of many hats. Procrastinator level: mage. Tea status: builders, three cups a day max. Internet obsessive.

Loves: furious feminist fiction. Climate change stories. Unconventional narratives. A jolly good yarn.

Jo Gatford

Writer of many things. Productivity overlord. Tea status: leaves bag in when milking, unlimited cups a day. Meme obsessive.

Loves: Shakespeare, old English dick jokes, furious feminist fiction, Terry Pratchett.

Come in! Come in! We’ll pour you a gin. Put your feet up, grab a drink and tell us what you’re working on.