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Writers’ HQ is home to the most word-writing, tea-drinking, story-slinging, biscuit-dunking, productivity-boosting, super supportive writing community this side of the internet.

It’s by writers, for writers.

And it’s chock-full of in-depth, practical support and lessons on all aspects of writing, editing, productivity and publishing, from a huge library of online courses and workshops, to our regular live and online events.

PLUS direct access to the expertise of the community to make sure you reach your full potential as a writer.

Writers’ HQ will help you tell your story

and tell it really freakin’ well

  • Learn how to write the stories you love, and have the confidence to send them into the big wide world
  • Enjoy the knowledge and experience of a huge community of writers who help and support each other
  • Shine a light on your process with hundreds of hours of creative writing tuition to help get you from start to finish

What makes Writers’ HQ so awesome?


Everything you need

The incredible Writers’ HQ community offers an inclusive, welcoming, supportive, step-by-step, hand-holding environment, away from tiresome literary snobbery and grammar pedantry, for the many writers out there who feel as though they don’t fit.


We’re writers too

We know what you’re dealing with – the frustrations, the joys, the heartache, the endless urge to procrastinate, the crying hysteria at Tumblr memes about punctuation. And we’re working on our stories right alongside you.


Support is our M.O.

With thousands of WHQers all over the world, you can swap work for critique, swoon and flail and be caught by other writers who Just Get It, 24 hours a day. Oh yeah. We put the mm in community, y’all.


We love stories

It’s not just that we love them. It’s that we understand that they are important. Fom sci fi to lit fic, from trashy beach reads to obscure experimental weirdness, from police procedurals to high fantasy. All stories are needed and valued and just shut up and give them to us, ok? We demand MOAR STORIES.


No nonsense

Writers’ HQ is about doing the work. We don’t waft around waiting for the muse or talking endlessly about writing without actually doing any. We show up at our desk time and time again and get. shit. done. (I mean, we also dick around making tea and eating biscuits, but you get the idea).


We love you

Running Writers’ HQ is a legit dream come true and we freakin’ adore all the people who make it so awesome (that’s you guys). We’re here for you, we’re rooting for you, we live and breathe this accidental behemoth. So come on in, the water’s fine.

Support for every stage of your writing


A huge library of over 20 online courses so you can learn how to plot your novel, master the art of the short story, hone your editing skills, improve your writing habit, increase productivity, and send your stories into the world


An absolute butt tonne of workshop replays, real life retreats and online events, including masterclasses, author interviews, online retreats, and our famous Flash Face Off spoken word evening


Regular member exclusive content to help you explore how stories are constructed, how they can be taken apart and rebuilt, and how you can apply that to your writing


The Writers’ HQ community forum where you can find beta readers, accountability partners, advice, support, a place to commiserate your rejections and celebrate your wins, and shh also a place to procrastinate when you need

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our members have to say about Writers’ HQ…

There are no words for how much WHQ has enhanced my life

WHQ has given me the courage and tools to turn a vague notion of trying to write into my driving passion, along with the support and wonderful company of the most amazing people I have ever encountered. There are no words for how much this has enhanced my life.

Heather H

WHQ gave me belief in my writing

Without a doubt, Writers’ HQ has given me self-worth and belief in my writing, as well as new-found confidence, thanks to the courses and support from the forum and community.

Kayleigh K

I now have the tools I need to do this

Writers’ HQ has played a huge part in getting me to where I am in the novel writing process. If it wasn’t for you guys it would still be a 3000 word draft hidden in a drawer somewhere. Now you have set me off on the right foot for the next stage in the process, knowing that everyone has doubts, but feeling reassured I have the tools I need to do this.

Vicki J

Writer heaven

WHQ is quite simply writer heaven. An inexhaustible source of knowledge, good advice and stimulation, this community is the perfect place to share passions and feed off of the positive energy of a truly wonderful bunch of human writerbeings. The courses they offer have added depth, craft and skill to my writing and got me published, shortlisted and longlisted, while the friends I have made and encouragement I have received have kept me sane (and writing) through tough times.

Terry H

Writer's HQ are amazing

Their courses are easy to apply, fun to do and will improve all areas of your writer life. Plus they’re an absolute bargain. Get in now before they realise how much they could charge.

Claire W

WHQ changed my life

Being a member of WHQ has changed my writing life, with the help of this friendly writers community, I’ve been submitting and getting published work which began in WHQ workshops and writing courses.

Joyce B

WHQ has quite literally changed my life

Thanks to them, and the wonderfully supportive WHQ community who have become real friends, I’m now a published writer with words appearing in over 18 countries. And I’ve finally finished that novel!


Join the most word-writing, tea-drinking, story-slinging, biscuit-dunking, productivity-boosting, super supportive writing community this side of the internet

Woohoo yeah do it do it yeah woo etc and so on


Keep your wallet in your pocket

A coupla courses, the online writers retreat, Flash Face Off, and forum access. It is, as they say, lit.


Gold stars!

The full Writers’ HQ membership for writerly superstars

Access all areas, baby! Over 20 in-depth creative writing courses, monthly masterclasses, deep dives into story structure and much much more.

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