Online writing courses

Stop F**king About And Start Writing

Writing In The Time Of Climate Change

  • New exclusive course written by award-winning environmental writer Sarah Lewis
  • Explore new ways to tell the story of climate change and break away from existing tropes
  • Hand-holding, tea-drinking, and plenty of writing (and emotional) support the whole way through
  • Includes four live seminars

Plotstormers: How To Plot A Novel

  • Learn to plot a novel from beginning to end
  • Build a practical understanding of story structure
  • Figure out wtf is going on in your story
  • Go from ‘idea in your head’ to ‘actual real story that’s ready to be properly written’.

The First Draft

  • Write your novel in six months
  • Finish the course with 50,000 words of manuscript
  • Hand-holding, tea-drinking, support and swearing the whole way through
  • 75 units to help you get from outline to novel

Plotstormers II: The Editing Strikes Back

  • Deconstruct. Reconstruct. Turn your manuscript into something beautiful
  • Elbows-deep practical methods to wade through the shit
  • Develop story structure, narrative drive and characterisation
  • Emerge victorious!

Writing Short Fiction

  • Explore what makes really great short fiction
  • Where and how to find, explore and grow stories
  • Lessons and exercises from award-winning writers
  • Come out the other side with at least one fully formed short story

Seven Ideas in Seven Days

  • Fun, fast-paced idea generating joy
  • Finish with at least seven new story ideas
  • Explore how to grow your ideas into something bigger
  • Discover story ideas everywhere

Making People: Characterisation Masterclass

  • Create characters who are original, real and memorable
  • Craft unique, intriguing characters who have their very own agenda, opinions, phobias and dreams
  • Discover how to thwart your characters at every turn for un-put-downable plots
  • Bad jokes about girding your loins

Troubleshoot Your Novel

  • Figure out what’s wrong with your story and FIX IT!
  • Unstick yourself and smash writer’s block in the face
  • Suitable for any stage of the novel writing marathon/process
  • Tips & tricks for moving forward and finishing your book

Publishing 101: Find An Agent

  • Learn how to prepare your manuscript
  • Find the best agent match for you and your work
  • Navigate the dos and don’ts of submitting your manuscript to agents
  • Learn what to expect and set realistic goals

Publishing 101: The Query

  • Nail your query letter and get the literary agent of your dreams
  • Learn how to summarise a 70,000 word+ book in just a paragraph
  • Make sure you don’t end up in the slush pile
  • Give yourself the best chance of a positive response

Publishing 101: Write A Synopsis

  • Learn how to craft a small but perfectly formed synopsis
  • Impress prospective agents
  • Work out how to best present your story, from logistics and structure to characterisation and narrative voice
  • A whole bunch of tips and tricks to suit every writing style