Can I cancel or return a merchandise order?

Sadly no. We love you and support you through all your life choices but we can’t be held responsible for your consumer errors. By the time you cancel we’ve probably already processed your order and it’s on its way to you anyway. If it’s not damaged we can’t accept a return. If you really don’t want the item you have ordered, give it to a writerly friend as a gift. They’ll love you forever.

What if my merch is lost or damaged?

Well that would suck mightily. If it’s damaged please send photos of the damaged goods and packaging material to [email protected], within 10 days of it arriving. If we’re at fault, we will of course replace the item. If the item is lost, give us a shout on the same email address and we’ll dig out the Royal Mail sending number wotsit for you to chase them with.

Tell me about my monthly fully-fledged WHQer membership

It’s pretty simple really. You sign up and pay your first instalment of £20 and you get instant access (well instant-ish, it might take five minutes to all trickle through our systems) to all our courses. After 30 days, you then pay another £20 for another months worth of access, and you keep paying £20 every month until you decide to cancel your sub, at which point there’s no more access to the courses and no more payments.

Is my subscription auto-renewed?

Yes. If you have a monthly membership, you will be charged £20 every month (technically every 30 days) until you cancel. If you purchase the 6 monthly or 12 monthly membership there is no auto-renew option but believeyoume you’ll get emails from us harassing reminding you to renew.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can! Just go to My Writers’ HQ which is top right of all pages. If you can’t see it, scroll up to the top of the page and it will magically appear. Then select ‘My Membership’ > Subscription and press the big cancel button.

This will stop THE NEXT payment coming from your account. You will still have course access for the remaining duration of that 30 day cycle, so if you cancel your subscription 5 days into your 30 day subscription cycle, you will have course access for another 25 days and then nada. Blackness. Darkness. The cold abyss of the netherworld. Or at least that’s how it should work. If it doesn’t give us a yell on ye olde [email protected] email address.

A super important point: we CANNOT offer partial refunds on subscriptions. This means if you cancel part way through the month, we cannot part refund that month. Soz McGoz

How often will there be a new membership-eligible courses online?

We’re writing them as fast as we can! We’re not guaranteeing anything at this stage but we’re hoping to have something new and shiny for you every two months.