Kick start 2020 with a chapter-by-chapter, scene-by-scene
outline of your novel, and an amazing community to write alongside

Starts 2nd January 2020

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Without taking this course I would never have got past four chapters of my novel. I've written more in the last four months than I've written in two years and I'm coming to the end of my first draft now which is something I never thought I'd actually say. I've been able to set realistic goals, be disciplined and really see my novel take shape. I would recommend this course to everyone and I couldn't be more grateful for it!
- Kezia Barr

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Starts 2 January 2020. Get your novel plotted with the support of a community of other writers, all on the same journey.

Six live seminars for additional support, feedback and Q&As

Join our kickass community

Join us for a special New Year edition of our famous, 5* Plotstormers course and plot your novel in just six weeks, alongside an incredible community of other writers, all on the same journey as you.

Plotstormers LIVE includes all the course material and daily emails to keep you on track, six live seminars with Sarah and Jo so you can talk over your work and have your questions answered, incredible community support, and a professional critique of your final outline.

Writers’ HQ’s online novel planning creative writing course means you can learn the fundamentals of plotting your story, wherever you are in the world. Designed to fit around everyday life and a busy schedule, you will start with a simple idea, and finish with a comprehensive outline of your novel ready to be first drafted.

They say everyone has a novel inside them – the tricky part is getting it out without painful invasive surgery. This in-depth online plotting course contains everything you need to plan out your story from start to finish so that you’re rip roaring ready to get that first draft out, without too much swearing.

Over the six weeks, we’ll help you to build a practical understanding of story structure and plotting. By the end, you’ll walk away with a comprehensive outline of your story and a plan for what to do next (clue: write!).

Exercises, examples, group discussion, live seminars, swearing and crying will enable you to grow your fictional world and build your story plan, taking it from ‘idea in your head’ to ‘actual real story that’s ready to be properly written’.

You’ll learn the fundamental elements that make up every good plot and the basics of story structure; explore who’s in your story, what their roles are, and how to make your characters compelling; how to add tension and conflict to your story; how good beginnings, middles and ends work; how to break your story down into chapters and scenes and more; and what to do with your outline once you have it.

Plot your novel with a cohort of other writers, and use the six live seminars to get the most out of your outline

Explore the fundamentals of structuring a story and how to use and abuse the rules to best suit your story

Finish the course with a chapter-by-chapter, scene-by-scene outline of your story and a plan of what to do next


I took Plotstormers and used it to plot and write my fourth novel. HarperCollins bought it on proposal! Sent it to my editor two months before my deadline and she loved it. Thank you Jo and Sarah. Plotstormers is fabulous!

Hannah McKinnon

Author of Her Secret Son

Here’s to Writers’ HQ for encouraging us to take ourselves seriously as writers whilst still enabling us to have fun while we do it.

Elizabeth Haynes

Author of The Murder of Harriet Monckton

I am converted ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Before the course, I was a solid pantser, but now I have truly seen the light. The way Sarah & Jo take you step-by-step through each stage, they make it impossible not to understand the theory of story structure and help you to put it into practice. So, after 6 short weeks (ARE THEY REALLY OVER?!), I can scarcely believe it, but I have a well-structured plan, with all the sub-plots in place, and I know what I want to happen and when. I just need to write the darned thing, now. If only they had a course for that… oh, wait a minute…



A solid foundation ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
At the beginning of this course I had an idea for a novel that I could have comfortably written down on a single sheet of paper. Six weeks later I have a detailed narrative structure, with subplots and well-drawn characters. I have the confidence to take this outline forward and begin the actual novel writing process.

Mark Sadler



Sarah Lewis
Half of Writers’ HQ
Procrastinator Level: Set up WHQ and had a baby to avoid writing her novel

Jo Gatford
Half of Writers’ HQ
Procrastinator Level: Set up WHQ and did an MA to avoid writing her novel


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