Real Life Writing Retreat Update

Heyo fine humans of the internet and particularly those of you who have previously booked a real life on-site writing retreat with us (or would like to in the future).

Behold, the latest update on our plans for gathering small groups of writers in rooms and making them spew forth words while we ply them with tea and coffee and sandwiches and stick gold stars on them when they behave.

We had originally hoped we’d have things back up and running by September.

But, um. Well. Yes.

Unfortunately, once again, our plans have been somewhat fucked by the whole Covid thing.


But, y’know, we want to make sure we’re keeping our writers, our reps, and the whole world safe if we can.

And so, with great regret, we’re pushing back our on-site retreat plans to early 2021.

We know, it sucks, that’s ages away. BUT WAIT!

There are still loads of WHQ-y things you can be joining in with in the meantime (and most of them are FREE!).

Stuff liiiike:

Online writing retreats! Weekly journalling webinars! Free courses! Flash fiction writing challenges! Write a novel in 60 minutes workshops! A whole host of other online courses! And the best dang writing community in the world! So many exclamation marks!

Check out our bumper crop of ‘whatever-the-fuck-this-is’ 2020 resources RIGHT HERE and we’ll be back in real life retreat-y action as soon as ‘whatever-the-fuck-this-is’ stops being quite such an arse.

Stay strong. Stay safe. Keep writing.

We love yas.


P.S. If you have an existing retreat booking from the Before Times that you’d like us to refund or transfer, give us a shout at [email protected] Thank you sooooooo freaking much for your patience and understanding and to all of you who have let us hold your bookings all this time. We love you. You’re amazing. We’ll make it up to you with extra special biscuits as soon as we can run retreats again, promise.



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