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MasterclassesEventThu, 22 Aug @ 7:00 pm GMT
How do you write when you've got bees in your head? 🐝 Back for a second round of Writing with Neurospicies after all the love for the first workshop, this is a session for all non-neurotypical writers who find al
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Special eventsEventMon, 16 Sep @ 7:00 pm GMT
This workshop explores how we might create stories that celebrate and reclaim our own rich culture and heritage by weaving colloquial dialect and cultural references and into our work to create a sense of place, person a
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Special eventsEventTue, 3 Sep @ 7:00 pm GMT
“Tell all the Truth but tell it Slant” Emily Dickinson From historical to sci-fi, horror to fairytale, every genre of writing offers different slants on the truths of eco-crisis and injustice. Genre-writing h
Special eventsEventThu, 5 Sep @ 7:00 pm GMT
Writing A New Story is a practical workshop supporting people participating in the Mass Submission Project (or who just want to write a new story). We'll be exploring climate justice and your personal writing themes
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Special eventsEventMon, 9 Sep @ 10:00 am GMT
Let’s all write a story! An online guided writing session to help you get going with your story. Join WHQ for an hour of writing alongside other writerly buddies. It’s all about accountability, support, and t
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Special eventsEventTue, 10 Sep @ 7:00 pm GMT
There are so many narratives that we take for granted, so how do we find different stories and dismantle the assumptions we all make and that keep us locked in to the same damaging behaviours? When it comes to climate ju
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Special eventsEventFri, 13 Sep @ 7:00 pm GMT
Sex will find its way! In some form, implied or explicit, into much of our writing. In popular culture it is equally celebrated and maligned, used to express love, but also power and fear. Writers can approach it in many

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