Creative Development Mentoring

You book a 1-hour Skype/phone call with one of our splendiferous mentors and shoot the breeze about your writing aspirations, challenges and arg-why-can’t-I-stop-procrastinating issues, and we give you advice, encouragement, and a nice firm kick up the bum (as well as some gentle hand holding and pom-pom waving) to get you feeling SUPER pumped about where your creative journey is headed. Lovely. (It’s basically life coaching for writers, yo.)

  • A professional one-hour mentoring session with one of our lovely WHQ creative development coaches (Sarah or Paul). We’ll work with you to find a suitable time/date for a Skype/phone call and answer any questions you have about your writing journey, offer advice on how to move forward, improve, and feel more confident about your work. Proper writing therapy, yo.
  • A follow-up two-email exchange with your mentor (eg: we say “hey how did you find the session, any other questions?” and you say “yeah it was great, oh and I also wanted to ask [additional question]” and we answer it. Everyone’s happy!)