Creative Writing Critique

You send us your words. We read your words. We send them back with extensive comments and feedback and critique (which are all the same thing, surely?), advice, encouragement, and all that good pep talk stuff.

  • A professional critique of your work between 1,000 – 6,000 words. You will be able to select your word count at the checkout. You will get inline comments as well as a general overview of things that worked, things that can be improved, and ideas of where to go next.
  • A two email exchange with your critique partner (that’s you-send-we-reply, you-send-we-reply. (Sorry to be all like ONLY TWO EMAILS but we don’t want to end up with accidental million year long convos that are totes awks and we’re like argh we don’t really have the resources to manage it sorryyyyy).