Some Writers’ HQ News You Will Want To Read About

Oh hai there lovely Writers’ HQer. We have SOME NEWS.

On April 12th, the Writers’ HQ website will disappear. Waaaaa.

And then on April 13th it will come back. Phew, right?

For at least a blundred years, our website has been insane to the point of hilarity. You guys have stuck with us through so so so many tech disasters, and it’s a testament to what a badass writer you are, and how committed to your stories you are, that you’ve hung around for some frankly ludicrous tech-based nonsense (hands up who remembers the great DDOS extravaganza of 2017!)

And so. But then. And finally. WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE ON THE WAY.

Omg omg omg omg.

Hold on to your pants because there are going to be some major changes around these-here parts.

We’ve listened hard to all the things you’ve told us you want and need and the ways in which you use the site, and we really hope we’ve nailed it for you all.

We know change is hard for weary heads, and often when people you love move on to the next iteration it’s like NO STOP I LIKED THE OLD THING, but you’re gonna have to trust us on this one.
Here’s some of the awesome stuff you can expect to see:

  • One website with everything. Courses, webinars, forums, everything. One login, one web address, one dashboard, everything. Omg it’s gonna be so good.
  • Easy to find webinars without going to an external site. Holy moly!
  • Clearer navigation to see what we’re doing and what’s coming up and all those lovely things.
  • Better accessibility, including live speech-to-text on webinars.
  • Easier forums.
  • More awesomeness.
  • You don’t even have to do anything. Your logins and course access remains the same as ever. Just hang about online and the website will come to you down the intertubes.

Here’s some stuff you might not be happy about:

  • A new website design. Like when Facebook updates and everyone is like NOOOO! but then forgets about it within three weeks. Honestly it will be fine, you’ll grow to love it, Stockholm Syndrome-style.
  • Downtime. We’ll be gone for about 24 hours, including the forums. WE’RE SORRY. But these are major changes so we need to do some serious background stuff. You can still chat in our Facebook group or maybe even do some writing. Shocking, right? Our course site will still be available during this downtime.
  • Losing your course progress records. WE’RE SORRY! We’ve tried our hardest but we can’t take this information with us. The best thing is to note where you are in your courses and when you log in to the new site, just click through the units marking them as complete and it will be like nothing ever happened.
  • Getting used to the new site. There may be a tiny bit of a learning curve while you figure out where everything is but Jo and Sarah will be doing a couple of webinars to show you around, and there will be lots of documentation. It’s all good. We’ve got this. And by this, we mean you.

Some important things to know:

  • For the next week or so you might not get the usual email telling you about webinars. This website has lasted longer than anyone ever imagined, held together as it is by fraying string and small bits of sticky fluff, but it’s basically just given up at the last minute. You can find your webinars (for now) here.

There will be more news to come, and obv we’ll keep you thoroughly updated, but for now we wanted to let you know about the downtime and the changes and reassure you that everything is going to be fiiineeeeee.

Any questions, head to the forums or the Facebook group for some chitty chat.

Coolio. Team WHQ over-and-out.

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