(financially struggling not, like, angsty struggling because that’s all of us)

Adopting or sponsoring a writer also makes a great gift. See all the options below.

Are you a marginalised or minority writer in need?

Your sponsorship helps

We believe that stories are what makes humanity truly great. Stories are the fuel that power our world. And the only way to a truly fair and equal society is if all voices are heard, regardless of income, background, gender, or ethnicity.

Our sponsorship programme swipes cold hard cash from your pocket and redistributes it to marginalised and minority writers who struggle to find the time, space or resources to write. We magically transform your donation into online creative writing courses and real life writing retreats for those who need it but can’t access it.

As an added bonus, we match fund the value of everything donated to the sponsorship fund. So if you give us a quid, we put another quid’s worth of retreats or courses in the pot.

By sponsoring a writer, you are helping fund a project that seeks to

Overthrow the capitalist patriarchal hegemony

Ensure stories from all walks of life are heard equally

Casually sip tea while the revolution burns

Choose your writer

Want to donate your own amount? Select a £1 donation and change the quantity at the checkout (we’re soooo high tech)

What does a Writers’ HQ sponsorship give me?

What do you want? What do you need? We’ll give you everything we can! When you apply you can ask for access to a particular course, membership (in six month chunks), a place on one of our writers’ retreats, or a critique of your writing.

How do I apply?

There’s a form down there. We ask you to answer a handful of questions, submit 2,000 words of your writing and a short personal statement.

How are the applications assessed?

We read them all in-house and then spend about four weeks arguing over who should get what. In an ideal world everyone would get everything, of course. We’ll let people know if their applications are successful as soon as possible. Unfortunately we can’t enter into correspondence or give feedback on applications, but feel free to re-apply if you weren’t successful the first time.

How many sponsorships are there?

Ah. That depends on donations. Some periods there might be three, some there might be thirty. We’ll keep the deadlines section updated with numbers as often as possible.

Can I have the cash instead?

No mate, soz. Writers’ HQ sponsorships are given in the form of course access or retreat tickets. There are no cash alternatives.

Who can apply?

You! Anyone! We prioritise the following:

  • People who are physically disabled in some way
  • People who are neurodivergent or have a mental illness
  • People from a minority or persecuted community
  • People living in a low income household (typically defined as a household earning under £15,000) and/or in receipt of social security
  • People with a criminal record
  • People who are the primary carer for another human with high needs
  • People who have just had enough of all the bullshit and just really need to write some kickass stories.

What are the deadlines and dates and things?

Round 1

Application deadline: 28 February 2019

Round 2

Application deadline: 31 May 2019

Round 3

Application deadline 31 Aug 2019

Round 4

Application deadline 30 Nov 2019

Want to apply? Then fill in this form

(Applications for Round 4 close 30 November 2019)