#Submit2021 Challenge

Twenty-twenty-one. Well. Here we are.

We are, as a general rule, strongly against New Year’s Resolutions, but since last year was such a steaming pile of bullshit I think we can all agree that it would be really quite nice if this year was just a teeeensy bit better.

Maybe less existential chaos and world-breaking news headlines and more, y’know, nice creative stuff like writing.

But in order to make that happen, we also need a smidgeon of gentle motivation, otherwise we’ll just retreat back into our blanket forts and continue doomscrolling for another 12 months.

So we’re inviting you – briefly – to leave the safety of your duvet, and join us in our #Submit2021 challenge.

Don’t be frightened by the word ‘challenge’ – all we want you to do is make a reasonable, achievable, realistic writing goal for your submissions this year.

Because no matter what else is going on in the world, the fact remains: if you don’t submit your writing, you ain’t gonna get published. We know, it’s extremely unfair. But we don’t make the rules.

So you’re going to make a commitment to send SOMETHING out into the big wide writing world in 2021.

It might just be one thing. That’s GREAT. That’s one thing! One thing is fantastic.

It might be just one thing MORE than you sent out last year.  That’s AMAZING. Smashing your personal best. We love it.

It might be a random arbitrary number of things based on your capacity and good intentions (but always remaining realistic and achievable, remember). That’s EXCELLENT. Look at you, setting goals like a boss!

It might – if you’re a stubborn little bunny and plan on ignoring all that advice about reasonable expectations – be the ol’ classic target of 100 rejections based on Kim Liao’s fabulous article which is what inspired this whole project in the first place.

It doesn’t matter how huge or tiny your target is. The point is to have something to aim for. Something to tick off in your notebook and motivate you to keep on subbing. Because the more you send out, the more the odds will be in your favour.

Now, a little troubleshooting:

No idea where to start?

Clickedy click HERE and download our FREE Guide to Submitting to Writing Comps and Lit Mags. And then check out our mammoth monthly listings of writing competitions and opportunities to find the perfect place to send your stuff. Or, if you’re working on a submissions package for a novel, have a look at our Publishing 101 series to help you rustle up a winning query, synopsis, and sample pages to help you land an agent.

Terrified of rejection?

Yeah, buddy, us too. But it just so happens we’ve written A LOT about the subject, including how to kick imposter syndrome in the balls and overcome your fear of failure. (In fact, we wrote a whole course about it.)

Need support?

You are not alone. We have the BEST online writing community in town, so come and join our free writing forums for rejection commiserations, acceptance celebrations, submission tip-swapping and feedback from your fellow WHQers.

Still not sure why you should be doing this?

Well then, take a minute to read our blog on Why Lit Mags Matter (and why writers need to read them) to see if we can change your mind.
And then, babies – it’s time to submit.

Image of a pen, an envelope and two arrows arranged in a circle. Text says: #Submit2021: write, submit, repeat.

Keep us updated on the forum and by tagging us with #Submit2021 on Twitter.

Good luck. We’re with you. You can do this.


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