Surrender to your writing

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Author: SarahWHQ


Can you hear that?

That non-existent noise that I’m using as a hook for this blog.


It is the sound of January.

The sound of freezing weather, short days, overcast skies, skeletal trees and the chilly melancholy that comes with wanting to wrap up in a blanket and stare into the skittering flames of an open fire for hours on end.

But we all have to get up, go to work, trudge our weary heads into the office and worry about our post-Christmas overdrafts.

We have to do *life* when, in reality, life wants us to just chill for a bit. To surrender to the winter, to sink into the melancholy and embrace it with Aran knitted arms and just let it be. To accept it and let it exist just as it is because it is just is, and no amount of railing against the world will move the sun and the moon and bring spring to us faster.

And this, ladiez and gerntaldoms and other humans, as you probably guessed, is a m e t a p h o r for writing, where often surrender is the hardest word.

Your writing is the deepest expression of you, in the same way the seasons are the deepest expression of nature. You can learn and evolve and grow, but you cannot change the fundamental kernel of truth that exists within you, that you are born with and that you spend your life desperately trying to communicate with your fellow humans.

And sometimes you can’t fight that or force that. Sometimes, you just have to… surrender to it. No amount of denial will change who you are and what you have to say. No amount of railing will move the words faster and bring your book into the world at more speed. No amount of wishing you could do it bigger-better-faster-more will change what you produce. No amount of pretending to be something else will change how you produce.

In the immortal words of the great Elsa, let it go. Accept it. Sink into it. Deeper and deeper. You’ll know when you’re deep enough.

And that’s when you might just find the magic.

In the immortal words of Elsa’s mum (spoiler!): when all is lost, then all is found.

Go write.

Sarah and Team WHQ

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