I need help with the forum or Facebook group

Where’s the forum? How do I change my username? Someone is being a dick what do I do? And other pressing questions

a guide to content and trigger warnings

How being considerate of other humans is a good thing to do.

How to give and receive feedback

The one rule, How to give constructive criticism, and how to receive constructive criticism

Flash Face Off FAQ

What’s Flash Face Off? Can I submit a story elsewhere if I’ve submitted it to Flash Face Off? Do I still own my story...

Journaling FAQ

What happens at a WHQ Journaling session? Do I need to already know how to journal?

General online event FAQ

For questions about online events that are particularly general

Technical FAQ

For infuriating computerish problems, never-ending login loops and issues accessing parts of the site

Course FAQ

How do your courses work? Do I have to do them in order? Can creative writing *really* be taught?

General FAQ

Questions about the bursary, listings and free membership that you may well ask

Retreat FAQ

What happens at an online retreat? When are real-life retreats happening again? All this and more...