Flash Face Off FAQ

What’s Flash Face Off?

Flash Face Off is a weekly flash fiction event at Writers’ HQ (flash fiction is fiction that’s under 500 words long).

We post prompts weekly on a Saturday, you write stories using said prompts and share them on the forum for feedback, give others feedback, then join us on Zoom on the last Friday of the month for live reading of some of the month’s best stories. It’s *awesome* and you should join us.

Can I submit a story elsewhere if I’ve submitted it to Flash Face Off?

That’s absolutely groovy with us, and good luck to you. Writers’ HQers submit far and wide and we’ve never had any problems.

Do check the rules of your competition as some state you can’t have shared your work anywhere online, but you should be fine.

Worst case scenario, you can always delete the story from the FFO forums and no one will be any the wiser.

Do I still own my story if I submit it to the FFO?

Yes! You retain all rights to your story, it’s yours with which to do what you will.

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