The Writers' HQ Creative Writing Mentorship Programme
Stop fucking about and start writing (with handholding from Sarah and Jo)

Pls what is the WHQ creative writing mentorship programme?

Spend six or 12 months with Sarah and/or Jo focusing intensely on your writing project and honing your craft. 

Oh yeah. 

We have wisdom! Let us impart it! 

The WHQ Creative Writing Mentorship Programme is made up of a mix of video calls with your mentor, tailored workshops, productivity guides and creative direction. It’s designed to be flexible, yet structured, just like a good bra, and the exact fit is created to work with your specific project and working style.

We can hold your hand from a seed of an idea through to a first draft, or from a first draft through the editing stage.

It’s awesome. Join us. 


How it works

12 month mentorship

Perfect for a brand new project to take you from initial idea to first draft. Work with Sarah on productivity and Jo on storycraft, with check-ins every couple of weeks and a special support peer group of between 2-4 writers.

6 month mentorship

Built for people with existing drafts who need help moving on. Sarah or Jo will read your manuscript, help you build a plan to move forwards, and work with you 1-1 to implement it over a six month period.

Help with funding

If you need help paying for Writers' HQ mentoring we can support you in applying for an Arts Council Developing Your Creative Practice (DYCP) grant, starting with a free webinar and feedback if you apply.

The 12 month mentorship programme

Group 1 starts January 2022. Apply now >>

Group 2 starts June 2023. Apply now >>

The 12 month mentorship runs twice a year in carefully chosen groups of between 2-4 writers. It is designed to take you from the first idea to a fully formed draft. 

Writers’ HQ champions peer support as the single best way to rapidly improve your writing, and the 12 month programme combines the best of focused, individualised mentoring with a rag tag band of hand picked writers to support, cheerlead and cajole you to the finish line.

Feedback schedule

The Writers’ HQ 12 month mentorship costs £2,500

The 6 month mentorship programme

Jo’s programme starts March 2023. Apply now >>

Sarah’s programme starts March 2023. Apply now >>

There are two six month mentorships a year – one with Jo and one with Sarah. They are designed for people with a zero or first draft of a novel or short fiction collection who want support to make big strides forward.   

Your mentor will read your entire manuscript (of up to 80,000 words) at the start of the mentorship and together you will build and implement a plan to move your project forwards. 


Line drawing of a birds eye view of a woman on a laptop

The Writers’ HQ 6 month mentorship costs £2,500

No money? No problem!

We can help you apply for an Arts Council Developing Your Creative Practice grant! 

Join our free webinar in which we’ll discuss how the DYCP applications work and what kind of things the Arts Council is looking for. If you add a Writers’ HQ mentorship to your application, we can even give it a once over with our very own eyes.

The next FREE webinar will be early Jan 2023 (date TBC)
Enrolment coming soon. Please join as a free Writers’ HQ member for updates and the join link. 

(Disclaimer: we can’t promise you’ll get the grant! But we can give you all the know-how we have from our whopping 50% grant acceptance rate)

How to apply

Please read this carefully before applying for a Writers’ HQ mentorship.

– We will ask for you name and email address, 500 words about your project and what you would like to achieve, and 2,000 words of your fiction.

– The fiction does not need to be published but needs to represent you to us so we can see how we can work together.

– Please use a 12 point double spaced serifed font. A sensible one!

– You will NOT get a confirmation email. There will be a confirmation message once you have submitted the form. If you see that message, we have got your application.

  • – For the January 2023 (12 month) cohort please apply by 1 December
  • – For the March 2023 (6 month) mentorship, please apply by 1 February.
  • – For the June 2023 (12 month) cohort please apply by 1 May.
  • – If you are accepted on to the mentorship programme, please be ready to pay the fee in full within 7 days. 
  • – Good luck! Your writing is valid and important and so are you. We love you. 

The application form