Troubleshoot Your Novel

Stuck as a pig in a poke? Unstick thyself and fix your dang book

No matter what stage you’re at, writing a novel can often be an exercise in frustration… But you’re not alone. ALL of us suffer from sticking points, plot issues and existential literary problems.

And it can be hard to stay objective and figure out how to fix things. Maybe you know exactly what’s wrong but have no idea how to make it better. Or maybe you know something’s wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it… 

In this course, you’ll find out how to identify what’s causing your novel issues, make a plan of action, and utilise a whole bunch of ideas and tips to sort it all out.

Whether you’re just starting out, half way through the first draft, or well into your twelfth version of your novel, we’ll help you figure out a fix and get back on that writing horse.  


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Figure out what’s wrong with your story and find a practical solution

Suitable for any stage of the novel-writing journey

Join our lovely little community to help you troubleshoot and problem-solve


  • Step by step online classes and exercises to lead you through the troubleshooting process and take an objective look at your story.


  • Advice from bestselling authors, including Costa Award-winning Emma Healey, Polari Prize-winning Paul McVeigh, and Bridport Prizewinner Vanessa Gebbie.

  • A practical breakdown of structure, plotting, characterisation, common complaints and sticking points.
  • Tips and techniques for tightening up your writing, keeping your story moving forward, and getting to the finish line.
  • Learn to look at your novel in new ways and break through blockages!
  • Access to our private Forum to discuss your problems (and fixes!), and get advice and support from your tutors and fellow troubleshooters.


AKA what we’ll be covering in this course

Part 1: Assess your shit
1) Why are you stuck? 2) Identify your blockages 3) Figure out how to move forward

Part 2: The trickiest parts of writing a novel are ALL OF THEM
1) Beginnings 2) Middles 3) Endings

Part 3: Tweaking, re-framing, developing
1) Re-plot the sucker 2) Character = plot 3) Look at your story in a different way

Part 4: Practical tips
1) Ramp up the action 2) How to get out of a writing slump 3) Productive procrastination

Part 5: The REAL secret to writing a novel…



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    Drink plenty of tea, stock up on biscuits, gin for later. Enjoy it. It’s supposed to be fun. Love you. Mwa.


£20 a month. Access all Writers’ HQ courses.
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