Wall of Fame: November 2017 Edition

It’s November! It’s Writers’ HQ! And have we got a Wall of Fame for you! Strap yourself in, tie yourself up and get ready for a superlative, another superlative and yet another superlative. Yes indeedy, here we go…

We’ve got FOUR WHQers on the Mslexia Novel long list: Lorna Riley, Clare Wade, Tia Parker and Lydia Messiah!

Lorna Riley is also on the Yeovil Novel long list!

Jeanna Skinner is shortlisted for Filles Vertes Publishing inaugural anthology (and went sort of viral on Twitter for her bit to smash the patriarchy)

Amy Lord has had an offer of publication from Unbound for her novel The Disappeared and her campaign page is here. Go donate!

Lisa Fransson HAS A PUBLISHING DEAL! For a children’s book with Kikkuli. She also has a fairytale accepted for publication in the next The Forgotten and Fantastical and long-listed for the GAWP writing prize.

Marisa Blagden has been signed to the Standen Literary Agency

Sarah Deeming was published in the Samhain edition of Three Drops from a Cauldron and was published in their monthly online journal and Enchanted Conversation.

Alex Clark had two short stories accepted by The Fiction Desk.

And finally, Annie Kirby published a very moving article for World Childless Week.

You guys! You’re amazing. Well freaking done.

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