Ask Us Anything with Sarah and Jo

So we usually do these webi-semi-nar-online-live-video things on a specific writing theme, but not this time.

This time we’re opening up the floor to you, our lovely Writers’ HQ members community*. What do you want to know? It’s time to ask us anything.**

Got a burning question? Email it to [email protected] ahead of time, or just join us on the night and fire your questions at us. Because as you know, we do really well under pressure, and there will definitely be no swearing or faff-ing or laughing. No sirree.

Be there*** or don’t (but pls do it would be lovely to virtually see you all.)

*this one’s a members-only perk, sorry, but if you’re not yet part of the WHQ clan, you can sign up for just £10 here!

**about writing, preferably

***if you’re unable to join us live, you can still register for a place and watch the playback at any time.


What: Writers’ HQ Ask Us Anything with Sarah and Jo.

Where: Crowdcast. No download needed, just register a place and log in.

When: Monday 14 December at 9pm BST.

Who: Sarah and Jo. And you. Obvs.


P.S. Because of GDPR bollocks we’re not able to just whack you onto our mailing list because you’ve signed up for one of our Crowdcast events, but if you’d like to stay updated with the next random thing we decide to do please consider signing up to our newsletter.

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