WHQ Flash Quarterly Round 1: THE SHORTLIST!


It’s time.

<heavy breathing>

Round 1 of our Flash Quarterly competition is over.

We’ve read and re-read and re-re-read over 400 entries from almost as many writers.

We have deliberated and debated and sworn profusely at one another to whittle this monumental pile of stories down to just ten little literary nuggets of excellence, and we are now ready for the big shortlist reveal…

Are you ready? Well, are ya, punk?


A Fear Of Ladders by Lisa Fransson
Anomic Aphasia by Elaine Mead
Arthur Will Be Home Soon by Jan Howcroft
Coverings by Anita Goveas
Demonstrating Change by Cherry Potts
Four Left Turns by Pierre Perera
How To Keep The Hunger At Bay by Jan Kaneen
Nine Lives by Philip Ellis
The Importance of Fish by Julia Deery
The Left Behind by Die Booth

Is your story on there? If so, HOLY BALLS, BATMAN! Yodel it from the mountaintops! Pat yourself on the back so hard you need a chiropractor! Release a thousand party poppers! Be damn proud of yourself!

And if your story isn’t there, do not despair. Know that each and every entry to our competition got the same love and attention, and it was damn hard work to make those final ten choices. So take heart, dear heart, and keep writing, keep submitting, keep going.

We’ll be announcing the top 3 NEXT WEEK (squeeeeeeeee!) and begin publishing the shortlisted stories on our site shortly after.

Thank you thank you thank you thrice more to everyone who submitted – and OH LOOK WE’RE DOING IT ALL OVER AGAIN!

Our next Flash Quarterly deadline is 30th June and it’s open right now, so you should probably go right ahead and polish up your best 500 words and send ’em our way, mmkay?

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