WHQ Flash Quarterly Round 2: THE SHORTLIST!


It’s that time again.

Time to reveal the top stories from Round 2 of our Flash Quarterly competition.

Er. Mer. Gerd.

We had over 300 submissions to our wee little flasher and we have read and re-read and re-re-read every single one of them to be sure we were picking the very best of the crop for our shortlist.

Some stories stood out immediately, garnering unanimous HELL YESes from our readers and judges. Some of them grew on us like lovely literary mould. Some of them were unexpected late arrivals that sneaked their way onto the shortlist within the last few days of the deadline. But all of the stories on our shortlist made us feel things. 

Deep down things.

Human things.

Things about relationships and family and how we see each other – and ourselves – and how people make big decisions and deal with change and carry on just being when things are tough.

They’re great stories, y’all.

Can’t wait for you to read them.

We’ll be

Without further ado, here are the top eight stories (in alphabetical order):


Digging by Katya Bacica
Evening by Sam Howroyd
Felt by Claire Hart
Good People Make Bad Couples by Marina Rubin
Guest Rules by Lorna Easterbrook
Handkerchief by Sarah McPherson
How Much Rain Can a Cloud Hold by Laurie Bolger
One to Four by Cathy Edmunds

Are you on the list? Is your story up there? Are you screaming right now?

If so, FUCK YES, BABYCAKES! You are now obligated to perform the following celebration dance:

And if your story isn’t on there… Ahh matey. We’re sorry. Our reading and judging process was really tough, and hey – this submissions game is a highly subjective thing. Believe in your writing, keep sending your stories out, and don’t lose heart. Develop your craft, get feedback, and lean on your fellow writers. We’re in this together.

We’ll be announcing the top 3 stories NEXT WEEK (squeeeeeeeee!) and begin publishing the shortlisted stories on our site shortly after.

A gazillion thanks to everyone who submitted. And if you can’t wait to do it all over again, Round 3 is already up and running, so send us your stories!

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