Desert Island Books with Lisa Fransson


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Desert Island Books

Say waaaat? Awww yeah. It’s exactly what it sounds like. We interview a kickass author and find out what books they love rubbing on their faces, which books they feel have made them the writer they are today, how they write, what they write, what it’s like to be suddenly living the author dream, and all those kinds of glorious writerly things. It’s going to be so so so so so good.

Lisa Fransson! 

Lisa is one of the original WHQers from the very early days of Brighton Writers’ Retreats way back in the 2010s! And now look what she’s done!

Lisa is a bilingual writer living on the south coast of England with her husband and three teenagers. In her native Swedish, she’s an award winning children’s author, whereas in her adopted English she’s a writer of novels, short fiction and poetry. Lisa is represented by Intersaga Literary agency and her debut novel, The Shape of Guilt, has been acclaimed by reviewers as being “emotionally complex”, “beautifully weird” and “gorgeous and provocative”. The Shape of Guilt was published by époque press in October 2023.

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