Experimental Flash Fiction Q&A


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Want to inject a little of the unexpected into your flash fiction?

Watch our exclusive Q&A session where we discuss how to write experimental flash, with brilliant special guests from the wide world of short stories: Emily Devane, Anita Goveas, Kathy Hoyle, Gaynor Jones and Katy Naylor.

In this session we talk about the ins and outs of the more unconventional side of flash with a stellar bunch of award winning authors, lit mag editors, and super-experienced flash fictioneers.

Find out about experimental flash in all its forms; learn about the writing process for these brilliant tiny stories; and get insights from behind the literary curtain.

It’s a brilliant opportunity to up your flash fic game with expert knowledge, while also meeting the faces behind your favourite competitions, lit mags and stories (they’re all super lovely and down to earth – and writers just like you!).

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